Single Wound Sheeting: 6” – 60”
Flat Tubing: 4”- 62”
Gusseted Tubing: 6” x 2” up to 54 x 44 (size and gauge dependent)
Bags: Tubular, side seal, slit seal, and sideweld bags on roll or loose cut (size & gauge dependent). 6” x 2” up to 54 x 44 (size and gauge dependent). 8” minimum length for bottom seal.
Loose cut bags: 4” – 54” wide bags
Folded bags: V fold up to 54”
J Sheeting: Up to 62” maximum width one side.
Thicknesses: .0006 – .008 size dependent.
Cores sizes: 3” is standard, others available upon special request
Resins: Fractional Melt LDPE, LLDPE, Multiple grades and densities of Metallocene, film grade HDPE.
Colors: All standard colors available, custom colors upon request.
Additives: VCI, Clear and Pink Anti-stat, UVI, UVA, Polypropylene based Elastomers, and additional (EVA, flame retardant, etc.) available upon request.
Resins: LLDPE, LDPE, Fractional Melt, Super Hexene, Metallocene, Hi Density
Venting: Pinhole vent (random), circular (register or random), slit vents (random) and butterfly (register or random).
Printing: Random repeat – 1C1S, 1C2S (random), 17-1/2” x 17” Repeat. Blue, black, red, and green ink in stock. Others available upon request.